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Our primary goal at CVSR is the same for each one of our students. We want them to be more than simply prepared for college, work, and life; we want our students to find success wherever life takes them. The courses are as diverse and individualized as the students themselves. We are an Outward Bound school, which has us develop real-world application through expeditions that are interdisciplinary.  We believe that each student can find success, if offered the right opportunity. We offer our students the opportunity to grow in our writing seminar and college writing classes, the opportunity to explore, create, and discover in our many electives, and the opportunity to soar in our Advanced Placement classes.   Students by the time they graduate from CVSR will be ready to tackle the outside world with their college and career readiness skills they have learned in our school.


9th Grade English 1 – Introduction

      • Literary Analysis
      • Study of composition – exposition, persuasive, argument and narrative
      • Grammar and Writing Process – including sentence structure and grammar
      • Speaking and Listening skills
      • Vocabulary development


10th Grade English 2 – Building on our skills

      • Develops descriptive, personal narrative, expository, and persuasive writing skills
      • Focus on grammar, mechanics, and usage
      • Stresses vocabulary development
      • Written literary analysis through discussion of the elements of literature
      • Develops thinking, organizing, interpersonal communication (both verbal and nonverbal), and use of analogies, metaphors and their application to writing.


11th Grade English – English 3: American Literature and Composition

      • American literature from the Colonial Period to the modern era
      • Focus on Argument and Rhetorical analysis and writing
      • In depth literary analysis of variety of text
      • Continuation of Vocabulary development
      • Preparation for English Regents
      • Preparation for Reading section of SAT


11th Grade English  – English 3H: Advanced Placement Language and Composition/American Literature

      • Same components as English 3 plus;
      • Exposes students to college-level rigor
      • Provides opportunity to become skilled readers of prose written in a variety of periods, disciplines, and rhetorical contexts.
      • Students are expected to take the Advanced Placement examination upon completion of this course


12th Grade English – English 4: British Literature and Composition

      • Focuses on British literature from its origins to the modern era.
      • Further exploration of the writing process, including planning, drafting, and revising
      • Emphasizes research skills and essay composition and includes expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive writing.


12th Grade English – English 4H: Advanced Placement Literature and Composition

      • Same components as English 4
      • Exposure to college level rigor and accountability
      • Intensive study of works from various genres and students are asked to analyze poetry, drama, the short story, and the novel
      • Critical writing experiences include expository, analytical and argumentative essays
      • Students are expected to take the Advanced Placement examination upon completion of this course


12th Grade English – English 4: LINCT

    • Situated within CUNY Collaborative Programs, LINCT to Success is a college access, transition and success program that strives to increase college success rates by restructuring the HS senior year through literacy, math and college access and success instruction, and college placement testing, and by integrating additional social supports to smooth the transition into and through college.