Senior Information

Useful Information:


Free College Readiness Course

Need to get ready for college reading, writing or math? Perhaps you just need some help with reviewing some math concepts? Whatever the case, Broward College Online has a free, self-paced course you can take at almost any time. Best of all, there are tons of games and interactive learning activities that make the experience highly engaging.


Trade Schools & Vocational Training

College not your thing? Enhance your career opportunities. Many trade schools in Oregon can enable you to acquire a rich skill set that could come in handy for multiple jobs and increase your chances of employment.


Military Information:

Army Recruiter
 Navy Recruiter
 Air Force Recruiter
 Marines Recruiter
 National Guard Recruiter
US Coast Guard Recruiter


Testing Information/Resources:

SAT (Suite of Assessments

Seniors can take the SAT multiple times in a year!

Use the CollegeBoard website to register for the SAT, get PRACTICE materials, learn what SCORES mean and link your scores to COLLEGES. The SAT is the most widely used admission test used by colleges.


Khan Academy has joined forces with CollegeBoard in an attempt to make your SAT experience more meaningful. This site will give you PERSONALIZED PRACTICE RECOMMENDATIONS to improve your scores. Get important SAT news and test dates. Practice anytime, anywhere for FREE.