Foreign Language

Foreign Language Department – Spanish


The Foreign Language Department helps students develop increased language proficiency and cultural competence as they progress from level to level gaining both linguistic and cultural knowledge. Through the study of other languages, students gain the ability to be productive participants in a multilingual, global society. Foreign language classes help students develop understanding of the structure of language as well as awareness that there are multiple ways of viewing the world.

Middle School

Seventh grade students enroll in Introduction to Spanish and eighth grade students progress to Spanish I. With the introductory and Level 1 courses, students speak, listen, read and write in Spanish to acquire basic proficiency and learn about the culture of that language. This course culminates with the Spanish Language Proficiency exam. Students obtain a credit toward high school graduation after passing this exam and Level 1 coursework.


High School

In ninth grade students continue their Spanish studies, building upon their skills and fluency. In 11th grade, they will take the Language Other Than English (LOTE) exam. By passing this exam, they are eligible to obtain their Advanced Regents Diploma.


AP Spanish Language and Culture

  • Beauty and Aesthetics
  • Contemporary Life
  • Families and Communities
  • Global Challenges
  • Personal and Public Identities
  • Science and Technology