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Setting Our Sights on the World Around Us
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OUR SCHOOL: Channel View School for Research teaches students a common core of concepts, skills, and knowledge through an academically rigorous curriculum called Expeditionary Learning. Our instructional approach fosters independent inquiry and critical thinking through collaborative learning...
OUR MISSION: All Channel View School for Research students graduate as well-educated, involved citizens who have a love for learning that enable them to embrace their future with confidence, community, acceptance and competence, using the lifelong strategies they acquire in our school.

OUR CHARACTER: Character is one of the pillars of our foundation at Channel View. Students and staff collaboratively chose "service", "Trust", "Accountability", and "Respect" (STAR) as the traits that all members of our school community will emulate. Additionally, crew students chose our "15 Words To Live By."

Local Events & News

+ CVSR is offering High School Regents Prep, April 7-9 (9am -12pm)
    also we will have Middle School Test prep, April 7-9 (9am -12pm)
    Download schedule in pdf...

+ Summer youth employment is open for filing….
Go to to apply....
Download the application here in pdf...
This job opportunity is a LOTTERY. You must apply to be selected! 
To be eligible for SYEP, you must be at least 14 years old but not over 24 years old as of July 1st, 2014. You must also permanently reside within the five boroughs of New York City.

When is the deadline to submit a complete SYEP application?
The deadline to submit a complete SYEP application to an authorized SYEP provider is April 25th, 2014.

+ National Honor Society:
   Students can fill out the form using the link below:
   National Honor Society form

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Rules and Policies

The Chancellor's Regulations cover a wide range of policies, divided into four sections: Student-related issues, school-based budgeting, employee issues, and parent and community involvement.

+ 6th Grade Supply List:
  Download in Pdf.

+ 9th Grade Supply List:
  Download in Pdf.

+ High School dress code Policy
+ Middle School dress code Policy

For Your Information (FYI)

Almost 200 people work full-time in Channel View, public school system — gifted teachers, principals, administrators, counselors, secretaries, paraprofessionals, custodians, and many, many more...


+ Scholarships 2013
   Download in pdf

+ Graduate Transcript Request Form
   Download in Pdf.

+ Middle School Application, 2014-2015:
   Download in pdf
   Download in docx

Student Support and Activities

The Department of Education provides a range of services to ensure that students are fully supported, in and out of the classroom. We also offer a variety of activities that take place outside of school hours, giving students constructive places to develop new skills and engage in their communities. [ more...]

+ Dear parents, below is a form giving the school CVSR permission to publish pictures of your child on the Internet website. Download in pdf
Permission To publish Pictures on the School's Website

+ Students overcome challenges, by Art McFarland, WABC local news

+ Channel View in the news!...
CVSR after Sandy, a Rockaway school is still struggling.

Information Brochure
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Click on the school Brochure to view/download in pdf.


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